Individual Services

Individual Services

Try something that is worlds apart from the traditional "question/answer" approach. We use an interview approach based on real biographical information from your life in our individual assessment process.  This unique process yields a far greater accuracy, enabling us to help you clarify your life purpose in much greater detail.


Our seminars are located in various locations around the country, and feature three assessments – temperament (personality), gifts, and vocational interests.  Because we give immediate results during the seminar, we use the question/answer approach for the seminars.  Many people find this is all they need to clarify and focus their strengths, but if you need something more in depth – then you can take our individual assessment process.

Leadership Team Development

We help the members of leadership teams understand each other's operating styles and strengths, and then use that information to work together more effectively. The results of the individual assessment reports help each leader clarify their strengths and discover the optimum ways they can work together with the rest of the team to achieve the overall mission of the organization. The Life Design consultant helps the team interpret and apply the information.




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