Career Counseling

  1. Internationally Unique and Much More Accurate:  

    The individual career planning process we use is one that we developed, and it is internationally unique and achieves much greater accuracy than the traditional approaches.  All of the other career planning approaches in the country (except one that we are aware of) use variations of the "question and answer" approach that also has preset categories and descriptors you must fit into.  That approach to life planning yields only generalized information, and limits the conclusions that can be drawn from the results to general fields that an individual should pursue (such as Human Resources, Business, Sales, etc.).  However, we use an interview approach in which we examine actual achievements and favorite activities from your life – so that the results and the career options are based on your own unique motivations, interests, and strengths.
  2. Case Example:  
    Our interview approach enables us to be so exact that in many instances we have found that people were in the right general career field, but were unhappy because they were in an area of that field which did not motivate them.  One client who had been in the field of finance for many years, and had completed an MBA while working, came to us very unhappy – but she had no idea why she didn't like her work anymore.  After our interview and analysis process, we found that she was very motivated to work 1-on-1 with people in a helping capacity, and she loved working with strategy.  It turned out that she had been doing tax-related analysis (looking backward and with virtually no people contact), instead of doing financial planning with individuals (looking forward and strategy oriented with people contact).  Our top career option for her was a personal financial planner, which incorporates all the elements of her motivational design, and she has had much greater enjoyment and success in her work in the years since she became a Financial Planner.  She was in the right general field, but in the wrong place (and analyzing what happened last year instead of planning for the future, as she is motivated to do).  These are the types of changes that make a tremendous difference in your daily work life, but the other approaches to life planning do not often give you enough detail to confidently make choices within a career field or pinpoint the exact career path that will be fulfilling.
  3. Practical Information:

These are some of the practical aspects of how we approach the individual counseling:

  • In the Standard Assessment Process, there are four weekly one-hour sessions, usually scheduled at the same time each week – for the time that fits best in your schedule. The first two sessions are interviews, in which a Life Design counselor obtains information from your life about things you enjoyed doing and thought you did well.  The third and fourth sessions are Application Sessions, in which we help you understand and apply the motivational design information discovered from the Assessment Interview process.  One major emphasis of the third session is reviewing and discussing the Career Options Report (CORE) that has been developed for you.  The fourth and final session covers the results of your Temperament Assessment, a discussion of your possible next steps, and answering any other questions you may have about how to use all the information for practical life decisions.
  • There are three "packages" of services and assessments, with different price ranges.  All can be paid with a deposit and payments. Please call us at 585-281-8190 for details of the different packages (Basic, Standard, or Executive), or write us at
  • Most of our individual sessions are actually phone sessions that are set for a specific time, and you make the one-hour call to us at the agreed time.  This is because we currently work with clients all over the world.  -  However, if you live near upstate NY and want to travel to our offices in Brighton or Mendon (near Rochester, which is half-way between Buffalo and Syracuse on Rt. 90 in upstate New York), then call us and we'll set that up and give you directions to reach us.  Sometimes, one of our counselors can meet with you on a Friday before a seminar that we are delivering on a Saturday at various sites around the US.  Note:  If you check the Seminar Page for the seminars, remember that it does not list all the seminars, because they are not listed there until they are finalized.  So call us to see if a seminar is "in the works" within driving distance of your location. Call us at 585-281-8190 for more information on the practicals and to schedule your half-hour free consultation, or email us at
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